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      Zealios 62g V2

      • Tactile
      • 62cN force
      • MX stem
      • Zeal PC
      Smooth, crisp and light, a bit heavier than MX Browns in weight, but offer a much smoother experience with a crisper and large tactile bump feedback when compared to Holy Pandas. Lightest variant Zealio.

      Reduced wobble that's less than Holy Pandas, while managing to be even more tactile with a bigger, smoother bump as well. (Bump starts at the very top of the keypress, no pre-travel, and these switches are rated at "bottom out" force, not actuation.)

      User Reviews

      January 17, 2020
      • Gaming 8
      • Typing 9
      • Balance 9
      The tactile bump is a little bit to heavy for fast paced FPS (fast key press repetition). Typing is very satisfying. Pair this with a heavy aluminum case, decent stabs and high quality pbt keycaps and you have reached keyboard heaven =)

      Switch Images

      Zealios 62g V2 thumb

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