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      Varmilo EC RoseryMechanical Keyboard Switches

      Switch image

      Varmilo EC Rosery

      • Linear
      • 55cN force
      • MX stem
      • Varmilo
      • 2.00mm pre travel
      • 4.00mm travel

      User Reviews

      July 12, 2019
      • Gaming 10
      • Typing 10
      • Balance 10
      favorite switch to date. Cherry reds used to be my go to but not anymore. These switches are extremely smooth and light. They also actuate quicker than cherry reds. I would put them in between the reds and speed switches. perfect sweet spot. highly r

      Switch Images

      Varmilo EC Rosery thumb
      Varmilo EC Rosery thumb
      Varmilo EC Rosery thumb
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