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      Cherry MX Nature WhiteMechanical Keyboard Switches

      Switch image

      Cherry MX Nature White

      • Linear
      • 55cN force
      • MX stem
      • Cherry
      In naming the new switch, Cherry has consciously opted for the complex designation MX NATURE WHITE, to further push its linear and natural-looking properties to the foreground. This avoids confusion with the tactile MX WHITE, which is now discontinued.

      User Reviews

      January 23, 2020
      • Gaming 10
      • Typing 10
      • Balance 10
      feels really clean to type on while being very good fr gaming very hard to misclick, imo
      July 12, 2018
      • Gaming 8
      • Typing 9
      • Balance 8
      The Nature White switches are the perfect balance for me.The Cherry MX reds were too light, and blacks were too heavy. They provide the right amount of resistance and are great all around.
      May 14, 2018
      • Gaming 8
      • Typing 10
      • Balance 9
      after a week or two of using these for gaming it no longer tires your fingers out. typing is a delight with these switches.
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      Switch Images

      Cherry MX Nature White thumb
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