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      Ducky One White LED PBT Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

      Availability: Varies by Switch
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      SKU: DKON1608S-_USPDAAW1
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      Ducky One White LED PBT Mechanical Keyboard

      Available Switches

      Cherry MX Black thumbnailCherry MX Black
      Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
      Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
      Cherry MX Red thumbnailCherry MX Red
      Cherry MX Green thumbnailCherry MX Green
      Cherry MX White thumbnailCherry MX White
      Cherry MX Clear thumbnailCherry MX Clear
      Cherry MX Silver thumbnailCherry MX Silver



      • White LED Primary LEDs: White
      • White LED Control LEDs: White

      Details and Specifications

      SizeFull Size
      Switch StemsMX
      Physical LayoutUS QWERTY
      Logical LayoutANSI
      Frame ColorBlack
      Primary LED ColorWhite
      Control LED ColorWhite
      USB Key RolloverFull
      Switch Mount TypePlate
      Built in Audio PortNo
      Built in Mic PortNo
      Windows CompatibleYes
      Dimensions5.51" x 17.32" x 1.61"
      Weight2.87 lbs
      Cord Length60 inches

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      • I just received the Cherry MX Red version of this board a few days ago and so far I really enjoy it. This is my second Ducky board (I also have a Ducky One TKL Blue LED with Cherry MX Greens). I bought this one for gaming at home as well as for use in an office.

        The build quality and look of this board are excellent. It has a nice weight to it and definitely does not feel cheap. I love the feel of typing with the PBT keys and Cherry MX Red switches. So far it has been excellent for gaming. The lighting is also very nice and I prefer it over the Blue LEDS of my other Ducky board. The detachable cord is great for transport as well. Another feature I really like of this one is the media controls above the numpad. That is definitely something I missed in my smaller TKL board.

        As for the switches, these definitely feel better than other Cherry MX Red boards I've tried. I would recommend it if you are doing a lot of gaming, as my fingers start to hurt when gaming on my Cherry MX Greens. If you are doing more typing and noise isn't an issue, I'd opt for the Brown or Blue switches over this one, as many say the Reds feel "mushy." But I think the Red switches on this board feel really nice and are perfect for gaming and quiet use.

      • I've had this beauty for over a year now and I'm forever loyal to Ducky as a result.
        This keyboard is perfect in every way. The instructions are clear and easy to follow for customizing things. The settings are always a few buttons away, super easy to access. Blue switches are great, response is flawless, and the best thing, no software is needed.
        Per key lighting works wonderfully with customizable brightness for each key, and there are two different profiles that can be saved.
        Macro keys are the most useful feature, and six different profiles allow different macro settings to be used swiftly and easily. The per-key lighting settings apply to whichever macro key profile is active.
        There are a variety of brightness settings. The detachable cord is super convenient for transport, and the keyboard comes with a plastic cover that helps a lot with keeping dust off the keyboard when it's not being used.
        The lights come in various brightnesses, and the lighting is amazing. An RGB is definitely in my future. There's not a single bad thing about this keyboard!

      • The activation point on the silver cherry mx switches are very fast. It only takes a ~1.2mm tap to get your keystroke through.

        As for Ducky's software, you can create a sea of macro keys, decide per-key multilevel lighting in two zones, and more.

        As a Dota player who uses alt keys and control keys all the time: With DIPs set to 1010 (which replaces left windows key with FN key), I'll be using fn keys (macro) to map my duties even closer and more comfortably together.

        As for the manufacturing, it's very sturdy. There are a few minor problems: the taller feet need to be pulled very hard initially, shaving off some plastic, and then it works fine. They don't include an extra context keycap for those who utilize the DIPs to move FN to the left. The "Cal" button is pretty pointless. There's no speed boost button for the mouse feature, which makes mouse mode a failed feature overall.

        Overall great keyboard. If you wanted these features in another manufacturer, you'd pay at least twice the price, and have to deal with a bad, overcomplicated design.

      • Very good materials and general build quality. PBT keycaps are pleasent to touch. I like it much more than ABS.Excellent typing experience. Better than I've had with cherry mx blue on my other board. Very satisfied with this keyboard.

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