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      MK Disco Black RGB LED TKL Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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      SKU: MK8715RGB-_USPDAAT6
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      Mechanical Keyboards Inc Disco Black PBT Mechanical Keyboard

      Available Switches

      KBT Black thumbnailKBT Black
      KBT Brown thumbnailKBT Brown
      KBT Blue thumbnailKBT Blue
      KBT Red thumbnailKBT Red



      • RGB LED Primary LEDs: RGB
      • RGB LED Control LEDs: RGB


      Details and Specifications

      BrandMechanical Keyboards Inc
      Switch StemsMX
      Physical LayoutUS QWERTY
      Logical LayoutANSI
      Frame ColorBlack
      Primary LED ColorRGB
      Control LED ColorRGB
      USB Key RolloverFull
      Multimedia KeysYes
      Switch Mount TypePlate
      Built in Audio PortNo
      Built in Mic PortNo
      Windows CompatibleYes
      Dimensions5.51" x 14.17" x 1.63"
      Weight2.64 lbs
      Cord Length60 inches

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      • Honestly, this is simultaneously the BEST and also the WORST keyboard I've ever owned. Never have I ever had such a wonderful typing experience these switches are smooth and have absolutely no spring ping much better then Cherry mx switches, but thats all the good things I have to say about it. I had been eyeing this keyboard for a long time before it was in stock so I could order it. The board I have received was basically a lemon. Straight up didn't work 80% of the time had to hold the cable in for it to barely register and the rare times it did function, multiple keys had issues actuating. So I sent it in to be fixed/repaired, the process was fairly long and drawn out the RMA process took longer then expected. Eventually reached out to find out what happened they apologized for the abnormally long wait, and shipped back the now "repaired" board. It was working fine for a little while. some keys still had issues actuating sometimes not any major keys but the USB port had finally worked along with the space bar. Although now that its out of warranty its even more broken now the W key just straight up doesn't work most of the time leaving the board useless to me as someone who games heavily. Likely never going to buy a MK Branded keyboard again. Spent allot of money for a paperweight pretty much, and don't have the money to replace it.

      • I got this keyboard during winter break and I am in love with it!!! At first I was skeptical because this keyboard has PBT switches but I can tell you that it is pretty much the same as cherry switches. 10/10 would recommend.

      • I've had this keyboard since November and have had no problems with it! The KBT Browns are great for gaming (I play csgo), I've no complaints and have never had a problem with the switches not activating. The PBT keycaps are nice, textured and are less likely to get that greasy shine over time that ABS keycaps often do. Some may find the lighting modes limited as you can't customize certain keys to glow certain colors, but as long as I can see what I'm typing in the dark, I'm not fussy about it. Solid build. I also type with it occasionally and don't find that I need a wrist rest, but this will depend on your setup of course. The keycaps are easily removed and replaceable if you want to customize the color schemes, if you're into that. Overall, would recommend if you're looking for your first mechanical TKL.

      • The keyboard's main feature is the RGB. Unfortunately, many of the lights do not shine all the way through the keys and get clipped in certain parts. These inconsistencies are very noticeable when using the RGB feature. For this price, look for a better keyboard elsewhere.

      • I'm from Canada and I bought this and I love it!
        It cost me with shipping and customs fee and usd to CAD conversions over 230 dollars.

        I also upgraded the keycaps to double shot PBT and I'm so happy. Sure its alot to spend on a board but its worth it.

        I love the KBTALKING switches there is no SWITCH PING!!! That my Romer G's G810 had, which drove me absolutely insane.

        I saw reviews of this board on youtube talking about the no ping and I was like I have to get this and pray for the best.

        Even right now im typing at night in my room in silence and there is no annoying ping. Its just pure browns and its sweet.

        Thank you mk for this! I will want a blue switch one in the future and I will know where to go.

        Solid build no flex.
        Switches are super smooth.
        RBG lighting is very nice once you learn how to program it. Unplugging it into a new computer doesn't erase anything which is sweet. *(on board memory)

        Typing on this thing is addicting I should become a writer because I dont wanna stop typing!! hahah

        Get this board. and I recommend a wrist rest tho. Thats the one negative. It doesn't come with one.

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